If your looking for Mules, Harness' or Customized Wagons, call Jr Gregg.  He has many custom wagons to
choose from or you can design your own.  He also sells beautiful harness' that will catch everyone's eyes!  
Harness' comes in different colors so you can match up your gear to the color of your horse or mule.  He also
sells Billy Cook Tack.  Jr Gregg also holds many trail rides for riders and wagons, and has auctions at his
trade lot.  People come from all over for his auctions.  In his auctions, he sells wagons, horses, mules and
tack.  Jr Gregg also trains mules.  He is the best mule trainer that I know of in Texas.  He has been dealing
with mules for many years and knows exactly what he is doing.  He even teaches them tricks.  Just tell him
Jane sent you.

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