"Duster" will soon be standing at stud in 2007 or 2008 at Mills Painted Ranch.  Foaled in 2004, he is
Homozygous and will guarantee color on all of his babies.  He has
one blue eye and is quartering up very
nicely already.  We can't wait to see what he will do.  His sire is Cowboy Duster.  Cowboy is a super roping
horse and is built like a brick house.  Duster is starting to look identical to his sire and also seems to have
his sires level head that we hope he passes onto his babies.  His dam is our very own
MontanasGlamourousgal.  Who as you can see below is a looker herself and she continues to create
outstanding looking babies.  Keep your options open for breeding to Duster next year.  I doubt that you
would be sorry.  Unless you don't breed to him, then you might be sorry that you didn't when you see his
babies.  We are going to put Duster into training before we breed him.  Duster is NOT for sale.

Standing in 2008
Cowboy Dusters Dream
2004 BLACK Tobiano Stallion APHA - 00783407
Tested Homozygous
One Blue Eye
Cowboy Dusters Dream (Foaled 4-15-04)
Photos starting from birth to present.
The below photos of Cowboy Dusters Dream were taken on April 30th, 2006.  He just
turned 2 years old.  He is really taking after his Sire's looks and confirmation.
Visitors Since July 23rd, 2006:
Please keep Duster in mind for your 2007
breedings if you want to
guarantee some
chrome on your 2008 baby crop.  Breeding
fees to be announced.  Multiple mare
discounts will also be available.

Dam is on site and is a well put together
mare.  She stands approx. 16H tall.

Sire is used on a regular basis for roping,
and makes his owner money while doing it.  
He stands between 15-16H.  Cowboy is one
of the most level headed horses that I have
ever met.  Duster is exactly like his sire.  He
has an excellent confirmation and disposition.
 Perfect personality makes him a jewel.
Mills Painted Ranch
Duster about 1 week old.
Duster 2 months old.
Duster at 4 months.
I just LOVE Dusters
"Got Milk" picture,
isn't he precious?