Our Dogs
This is our Sheltie named M & M which is
short for Mystic Moonshiner.  He is a
really funny person.  He loves to run and
play with the kids and his other four
legged buds.  He says that his other four
legged friends are such weiners.
This is our Dachshund named Honey.  
She is such a sweetheart.  She said
that M & M might call her a weiner,  but
he knows who rules the roost.
Honey with her Bobo from the Petsmart Commercial.  
She loves her Bobo too.
Now Missy is playing with Bobo.  We might
have to go back to Petsmart and get
another Bobo.  Missy actually looks like the
dog in the commercial.
This is our other Dachshund named
Missy.  She is really funny.  She is so
active and is a sneaky little devil.  She
also loves Honey like as if she was her
baby.  They always sleep together.
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Mills Painted Ranch
This is Baby.  She is MY little lap
dog.  She is very bossy as she
talks to me all of the time.
This is Boo and Pearl.  They
are both our neighbors dogs
that has adopted my mother.  
We enjoy having them
around.  They keep things in
order around the place and
chase off any wild animals.
Pearl passed away of old age
on January 14th, 2012.  Her
HUGE smile will be missed by
us all.  We love you girl.