Here is Tanner and CC.  CC is the
white goat and this is an old picture of
her.  She is grown now and already
had one baby for us.  Her updated
photos are below.  The brown goat is
Tanner and she had two babies in Feb
07.  We sold the babies because they
were all three males.
Click on the photos to the right for videos.  One is
Buster cutting up before he was sold.  The other
one is of Tanner fighting with Sox over dog food.  
Tanner won because after this was taken, she
rammed Sox into the door.
Amy, the
Sugar Glidder
passed away.
 We will miss
you Amy.
Visitors Since July 23rd, 2006:
Mills Painted Ranch
The photo to the
right is when
Tanner was
helping Wes feed.