We are simple people that enjoy spending our time with each other
and with our animals.  We have three children.  My oldest son Chad is
a sports nut.  My son Nicolas is a video game maniac.  Then my
daughter Savannah is as crazy about horses as I am.  She hopes to
become a barrel racer.  My mother, Linda, takes excellent care of our
animals when we aren't available.
We are in Mahoney, Texas which is just outside of Sulphur Springs.
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Mills Painted Ranch
Jane Mills
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Mills Painted Ranch
This is me. I love my family and my
animals.  I am addicted to Facebook.  
I enjoy scrapbooking, collecting
celebrity autographs, creating
webpages, taking pictures and of
course I love hanging out with my
family and chillin' under the trees and
messing with my horses.
This is my husband Wes.  He is the most wonderful
man in the world.  He has stood by and taken care of
my when I have been ill.  There isn't many people out
there like him.  He is one of a kind, that is for sure.  I
love him so very much.  He enjoys tinkering around
with little projects when he has time but overall he
stays pretty busy with all of us.
Linda aka My Mom
This is my mother, Linda.  She has worked her booty off at our farm tending to our animals when
we aren't there.  She is a pistol at times... haha.  Love ya ma!  Dont know what we would do
without her.  She has some stories.  I got her crazy addicted to Facebook now LOL.
Savannah, Nicolas
and Chad
Jonathan, Ashley and
(MY) Maddie Lynn
These two are just like my real children.  We helped raise Jonathan, and Ashley has been his girlfriend since they were really
young.  So I think of them both as my children.  They are very special to us as our own.  Maddie Lynn has blessed us in so many
ways with her little charm and laughter.  She is such a good grandbaby.